Project Description

Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union

The Confederation of Family Organisations in the European Union (COFACE) is a pluralistic organization which advocates a policy of non-discrimination and of equal opportunities between persons and between family forms. COFACE was originally founded in 1958. Since then, it has been linking together family organisations from all over Europe to discuss and work on issues such as balancing work and family life, children’s wellbeing, solidarity between generations, migrant families, disabled and dependent persons, gender equality, education, parenting, health, consumer affairs, etc. With 56 member organisations across 22 Member States of the European Union, COFACE gives a voice to many millions of families at EU level.

Migration policies are often centred on the individual and do not consider the family ties and family life of each one. It is more and more common to see a member of the family moving to another country and leaving their family members (including partner, children, elders…) in the country of origin. These families are known as “transnational families” and this shows us that migration does not end with settlement. COFACE advocates for migration policies that consider the family dimension and family ties that migrants have with their family members and believes that families should be supported, may they decide to live transnationally or to re-unite through family reunification with no discrimination of individuals or of family form.