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Credit: Howard Lake | Flickr

Credit: Howard Lake | Flickr

On the occasion of the European Parliament’s Hearing on “EU Funding on Migration, Integration and Asylum – Testing the Added Value”, a coalition of CSOs active in the area of migration and asylum are presenting a number of key joint recommendations on the European Commission’s proposals for funding EU policies in the area of Home Affairs.

For the next Multiannual Financial Framework (period 2014-2020), the European Commission is proposing to increase the overall Home Affairs budget to €10.7 billion and to reduce the number of funds to two: the Asylum and Migration Fund and the Internal Security Fund. This proposed reduction to a two pillar structure should ensure simplification and flexibility, however it remains unclear how the resources will be allocated between policy areas covered by the funds. We strongly believe that sufficient resources need to be allocated to develop common European asylum policies, which reflect the highest international standards and strengthen integration policies. In the area of returns, sufficient funding should be allocated for independent monitoring of return operations, for the promotion of voluntary return as the preferred option, and for the sustainability of returns. Funding in the area of border controls should support the implementation of protection sensitive procedures at borders and points of transit and should be allocated with a clear commitment to protect the human rights of migrants, both women and men.

We call on the European Parliament and the Council to ensure that resources within the new Home Affairs Funds are allocated to various policy areas in a way that fully takes into account the EU and the Member States' commitments to protect and ensure the human rights of migrants.

This Statement is endorsed by the following EPAM organisations: