Project Description

European Association for the Defense of Human Rights

The European Association for the Defence of Human Rights (AEDH) is a European network of 31 human rights organisations based in 22 EU member states and Switzerland. The mission of AEDH is the defence and promotion of human rights and the values of democracy and citizenship within the European Union. AEDH pursues its goals through fostering of public debate and awareness, the exchange of expertise with its member organisations and advocacy work.

In the field of asylum and migration, AEDH acts for a European Union where the right to seek asylum and the refugee status are respected, where immigration policies are harmonised and where migrants are treated with dignity and with respect for their rights. AEDH strongly opposes any form of detention of asylum seekers. AEDH advocates that the EU facilitates legal access for migrants and makes a priority of the integration of migrants, rather than creating new fences and pursuing irregular migrants. The right to free movement has to be the rule for all residents of the European Union, whether they are EU citizens or third-country nationals.

In its work on asylum and migration, AEDH focuses on the monitoring of the implementation of the asylum package, the European legislation on labour migration as well as the evolution of readmission agreements between the European Union and third countries.