Project Description

European Network Against Racism

The European Network Against Racism (ENAR) works on migration and asylum issues from an anti-racist perspective. In practice, this means we focus on the following areas: anti-discrimination, racist violence targeting migrants, migrant workers’ rights, and integration policies.

  • Across Europe migrants are adversely treated because of their legal status and are often subject to various forms of discrimination with regard to access to employment, education, etc. ENAR works to ensure that exceptions on nationality and legal status are removed from EU anti-discrimination legislation and that EU migration legislation and policies are not discriminatory.
  • We advocate for integration policies and practices that recognize anti-discrimination and social inclusion as pre-requisites for successful integration strategies. The EU Common Basic Principles on Integration should form the basis for integration policies and practices, in particular the approach to integration as a two-way process of mutual accommodation by migrants and residents of EU countries.
  • Because the integration of third country nationals living in Europe is determined to a large extent by their employment opportunities, we work to remove barriers they face in accessing the European labour market and enjoying equality in the workplace. This includes promoting a positive discourse on migration and highlighting the positive potential of diversity in the European labour market.
  • Migrants are increasingly the targets of racist violence. Despite EU legislation on combating racist violence, there are still gaps in the implementation by Member States. ENAR advocates for an improvement of legislative standards, both at EU and national levels, to deal with incitement to violence and hatred and to ensure proper investigation and prosecution of racist crimes.