Project Description

European Network of Migrant Women

The European Network of Migrant Women (ENoMW) is an umbrella association of local and national feminist migrant women’s NGOs advocating for the equal rights, equal treatment and better integration outcomes for migrant women. ENoMW is the only entirely migrant-led NGO currently active within EPAM.

Under the project funded by European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) “Promoting the Empowerment of Migrant Women in the European Union”, ENoMW has been focusing primarily on access to the labour market and meaningful employment for migrant women. Five strands of this workstream are: deskilling prevention, qualification recognition, entrepreneurship and self-employment, supporting domestic workers and reducing the pool of precarious work. However, the network’s membership cover topics across the spectrum of migration and asylum. ENoMW members have particularly noteworthy expertise on violence against women, including human trafficking and Female Genital Mutilation, and as a network have undertaken extensive policy analysis on family reunification. ENoMW is concerned with the inclusion, integration and participation of migrant women at every stage of the migration process. ENoMW leaves the definition of the word “migrant” open, and as such is also interested in the free movement of union citizen.