Project Description

Médecins du Monde

Médecins du monde (MdM) – Doctors of the World International Network is an independent international movement of 15 humanitarian non-profit organisations working across the world, both at home and abroad since 1980, and led mainly by volunteers. In 2013, MdM ran 316 programmes in 78 countries. Of these, 160 are domestic health programs across Europe.

In Europe, MdM works with the most underserved: drug users, sex workers, homeless, destitute nationals, Roma communities, etc. However, migrants constitute the majority of the people we serve.

Our main mission is to provide access to healthcare through freely accessible frontline medical and social services for people and communities who face barriers to the mainstream healthcare system. Through innovative socio-medical programmes, data collection and patients’ and communities’ empowerment in claiming their right to health, we advocate for universal access to preventive and curative healthcare.

Furthermore, we advocate for healthcare provision and protection from deportation for seriously ill undocumented migrants in the EU, who cannot access adequate healthcare in their country of origin. Sending them back would lead to the serious deterioration of their health and, in certain circumstances, death. For more information about our European work, see